The Twistyopener takes you way back in history. Wiel Stuart, former miner of the Oranje Nassaumijn II, invented and made the original Twistyopener at an advanced age, when his hands became less strong. He was inspired by the metal strapwrenches that were used underground to loosen and tighten oil filters in heavy machinery.

Wiel Stuart , the designer of the original Twistyopener, the W in the logo.


Robbie Greve, grandson of the inventor, has considerably improved the model: thanks to the round head and the combination of short and long loops, all sizes of (screw) lids and caps can now be opened a lot more easily.

Robbie Greve, the designer of the 'hare' design. The R in the logo.


Minke Greve-Stuart found the original version of the Twistyopener (made by her father) in a drawer at the end of 2018. She found it so stunningly effective that she decided to market it. A year later she designed the Twisty holder - as an aid for people with rheumatism, osteoarthritis, MS, a muscle disease, old hands or other limited hand function - to ensure that they too (possibly even with only one hand) can open all screw lids and - caps. Ideal for more self-reliance in the kitchen.

Minke Greve-Stuart: Together with her son she developed her father's simple original opener into the versatile Twistyopener, and a year later she also devised the Twistyholder for the people with the greatest challenges.